Global companies are already leveraging the talent pool in India or plan to do so in the near future. Currently all companies use one or more of the following three approaches: 1) creating large scale captive operations that are scattered over multiple locations/cities; 2) heavy usage of offshore consulting companies in India; 3) plans to establish a captive operation. Does this describe your company's efforts?

No matter what method a company uses or plans to use, there are challenges that could limit optimal performance. The challenges include:

  • How do you, the employer, provide lifestyles to your employees that are productive and sustainable?
  • Where can you expand your operation in order to create a large captive center?
  • How do you create incentives for support industries such as education, IT, networking, security, retail, and service providers that will deliver a world-class environment to address specific needs of a global service firm?

 How does Redhawk address these concerns and meet your needs?

Redhawk Investments Group takes a Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ approach – the idea that Clients can improve their bottom lines by giving their employees better quality of life. Redhawk creates self-sustaining communities for 20,000 employees (100,000 total residents). Employees have all the amenities, including residences and workplaces, available to them within a twenty-minute walk , which will ensure social and economic sustainability. This approach not only addresses the challenges above, but it also delivers thirty percent (30%) improvement to the bottom line because of four primary factors:

  • Attrition – In a community-style operation such as Redhawk City, there is significant reduction (up to 50%) in attrition.
  • Commute Time – A reduction in commute time from home to work results in high levels of increased productivity – average commute time reduced from three hours to less than one.
  • Customer Service – Quality of service provided by the employee to the end customer is improved with a higher level of attention and engagement – customer loss is cut in half.
  • Quality of Life – There will be vast improvement in the quality of life for employees and their families – 10% improvement in overall productivity as a result.

 The Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ approach provides solutions . Now is the time to create sustainable lives for your dedicated employees, and in turn improve productivity and ultimately improve your bottom line.