Lack of infrastructure in India to support its growth is obvious to everyone who is exposed to the country. Solving this will require innovative thinking beyond merely building more roads, airports and train systems. Redhawk realizes the infrastructural challenges that India faces; Redhawk seeks to find a solution to this problem, a problem that affects local and global business, the greater community, and most importantly the people. So Redhawk has developed the concept of a Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ that will provide ground-breaking solutions and effective results. This new type of development implements more tangible and intangible infrastructure will result in higher value and quality for India's businesses and residents. Companies, families, the environment, and India will benefit from an efficient use of economic resources and the Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™.

Redhawk is focused on the development of Redhawk City, which focuses solely on the strategic expansion efforts of US, European, and APEC global services companies. These companies seek access to the talent that exists among India's highly-educated workforce. The Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ approach relies on the fact that current offshoring development in India is broad and does not address the challenges that face these companies - challenges that include attrition, productivity, customer satisfaction, education, and quality of life for employees and their families.

The 650-acre development will accommodate the work force of these expanding global services companies, while also supporting the local employee who will maintain the infrastructure of the city. Redhawk City will be an epicenter for economic growth and opportunity in India, and it will capitalize on an untapped market in the arena of lifestyle development.

Why Redhawk and Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ ?

Lifestyle – All residents will be able to live a lifestyle that strengthens communal and familial bonds, and increases employment engagement and productivity.

Talent – Global services companies will engage high levels of talent and build extensive Intellectual Property. Redhawk will provide solutions in dense areas for maximum talent opportunity.

Size – Many real estate projects India are 10-25 acres, 100 acres, or 10,000+ acres; Redhawk capitalizes on the opportunity of 500-1000 acres.

One-of-a-Kind – Redhawk City is a brand new concept that captures the importance of life, community, value, and the Client's bottom line.

Sustainability - Redhawk is committed to social and environmental sustainability, concepts that permeate throughout processes and design.


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