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Redhawk Investments Group, Colorado, is in the business to coordinate the development of real estate opportunities across the world. Shifting global economy, environment awareness, closing of knowledge gap because of internet, demographic changes in the world population, will create significant opportunity for real estate development. Redhawk intends to combine this market opportunity with; 1) productivity improvement (corporate focus), 2) energy conservation and water re-cycling (environment focus), and 3) quality of living improvement (people focus), by using the concept of Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™.

We call Twenty Minute Lifestyle development as micro-city. Each micro-city offers up to twenty thousand employees (population 100,000) a lifestyle that focuses on positive employment engagement, family relations, and community interaction. Micro-city will have office space, residential, healthcare, retail, and recreational facilities for employees and their families; all components and amenities will be within a twenty-minute radius, a concept called the Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™.

Redhawk plans to create one hundred twenty micro-cities across the world servicing over twelve million people over ten years

Redhawk Value - Redhawk unique Twenty-Minute Lifestyle™ concept creates tremendous value for all the stakeholders: Families, Corporation, Environment, Government, and Shareholders.


 Value proposition


 30% productivity improvement

 Family & Employees

 40% Quality of living index improvement

 Oil Saving (Motor transportation)

 1.5 Trillion litter will not be burned

 Electricity Saving (lighting)

 37 Million Mega Watts

 Green Building

 1.8B to 2.5B dollars

 Water Conservation

 Recycling and rain harvesting


 Reduced Infra. Cost, jobs, land usage


 Great ROI





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